Running in the rain.

Hsin-Chu, Taiwan

Today is national holiday for childrens in Taiwan, and tomorrow is the traditional holiday for tomb sweeping.  Originally, it should be a sunny day with 20+ degree temperature, families get together and go out for mountain climbing, to find and clean up ancestor’s tomb.  However, there’s only 14 degree outside and feel link 9 degree.  The weather is getting stranger these years.

And it’s rainy.

2011-04-04_17-18-33_192 This is the road for my weekly running.  If the weather is fine, there should be other people walking, with their dogs. 

2011-04-04_17-18-40_714Sometimes there may be some buffalos eating grass here, of course they are leading by their masters.

2011-04-04_17-21-07_290 This road is followed by a railway, when I passed 5KM, 2 trains are passed.

Finally, it’s my record today.





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